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Brilliance noun – Unusual mental ability.
Intelligence is a synonym for brilliance in genius topic. In some cases you can use "Intelligence" instead a noun "Brilliance", when it comes to topics like ingeniousness, illustriousness.
Nearby Words: brilliant, brilliantly, brilliancy
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Intelligence noun – The ability to learn and understand or to deal with problems.
Usage example: high scores on this test supposedly demonstrate great intelligence

Brilliance is a synonym for intelligence in understand topic. You can use "Brilliance" instead a noun "Intelligence", if it concerns topics such as ingeniousness, illustriousness, intellectual capacity.
Nearby Words: intelligent, intellect, intelligently, intelligibility, intelligencer
Synonyms for Intelligence

How words are described

good good brilliance good intelligence
high high brilliance high intelligence
equal equal brilliance equal intelligence
common common brilliance common intelligence
Other adjectives: natural, true, sheer, actual, real, collective, little, incredible, apparent, greater, scientific, surprising, strategic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Dexter's Laboratory Upon meeting him, Dexter voices how upset he is to discover what he would become and that his future self denies his high intelligence and brilliance in revolutionary inventions.
  • The brilliance is that the vampires themselves will try to accuse others of being the vampire (though dwarven intelligence is not so robust that they won't accuse infants).
  • Jean-Baptiste Grenouille of Perfume displays a high level of intelligence in addition to his brilliance in perfume making.
    Source: Book Dumb
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