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Brilliant adjective – Giving off or reflecting much light.
Memorable and brilliant are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Memorable" instead an adjective "Brilliant".
Nearby Words: brilliance, brilliantly, brilliancy
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Memorable adjective – Not easily forgotten.
Brilliant and memorable are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Brilliant" instead an adjective "Memorable".
Nearby Words: memorial, memorably, memorability
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Things that words describes

character brilliant character memorable character
performance brilliant performance memorable performance
speech brilliant speech memorable speech
series brilliant series memorable series
Other nouns: piece, moment, use, way, example, characters, bit, story, shot, subversion, examples, moments.

Both words in one sentence

  • A Marvel Comics writer best known for his brilliant work on licensed property comics like Rom Spaceknight and The Micronauts, creating memorable characters and settings that long outlasted the products that inspired them.
  • Literature / Vorkosigan Saga aka: Komarr The Bus Came Back: Minor character example: Aral's brilliant aide Lieutenant Jole is described in brief but memorable detail in The Vor Game, as if to set him up as a recurring supporting character.
  • Comic Book / The Batman Adventures Batman shows up just in time (disguised as one of Thorne's goons, complete with a lifelike latex mask) and saves the day by beating the crud out of all of Thorne's assassins, of course, but the climax is more memorable for a brilliant psych-out on Gordon's part.
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