Bubble and Fizz


Bubble verb - To flow in a broken irregular stream.
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Synonyms for Bubble

Fizz is a synonym for bubble in foam topic. In some cases you can use "Fizz" instead the word "Bubble" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like sparkle, solid. popular alternative

Nearby Words: bubbly, bubbling, bubbled, bubbler


Fizz verb - To make a sound like that of stretching out the speech sound \s\.
Usage example: soda pop fizzing in the glass
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Synonyms for Fizz

Bubble is a synonym for fizz in solid topic. You can use "Bubble" instead a verb "Fizz", if it concerns topics such as sparkle, effervesce. popular alternative

Nearby Words: fizzle, fizzed, fizzing, fizzy

Both words in one sentence

  • Hollywood Acid They bubble and fizz on the counter or floor when you spill them, give off visible, smoky fumes (which never seem to be harmful in their own right), and they never dissipate.
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