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Build verb – To form by putting together parts or materials.
Rest is a synonym for build in lean topic. In some cases you can use "Rest" instead a verb "Build", when it comes to topics like establish, deed, over.
Nearby Words: built, building, buildup, builder
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Rest verb – To refrain from labor or exertion.
Build is a synonym for rest in lean topic. Sometimes you can use "Build" instead a verb "Rest", if it concerns topics such as establish, deed, over.
Nearby Words: restless, rested, restive, resting, restful
Synonyms for Rest

How words are described

good good build good rest
full full build full rest
best best build best rest
long long build long rest
Other adjectives: short, right, original, proper, single, small, entire, quiet, earlier, shorter.

Common collocations

life build life rest life
body build body rest body
future build future rest future
case build case rest case
Other nouns: gun.

Both words in one sentence

  • Moments after first contact, however, the Master and the Toclafane set their true agenda into motion: take over the world so they can build warships and conquer the rest of the universe.
  • Armor-Piercing Question Jiraiya: "I left Naruto to you so you could build up his basics but you were too busy giving the Uchiha prick everything he wanted instead of helping the rest of Team 7."
  • The UK government cannot quarantine the virus because they have neither cure nor vaccine, and they decide to build a 60-foot containment wall over the border with Scotland, isolating it from the rest of Britain.
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