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Bureau noun – A large unit of a governmental, business, or educational organization.
Usage example: the federal revenue bureau

Office is a synonym for bureau in agency topic. In some cases you can use "Office" instead a noun "Bureau", when it comes to topics like subdivision, department, building, branch of an organization. popular alternative
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Office noun – A large unit of a governmental, business, or educational organization.
Usage example: the company's main office is in Atlanta

Bureau is a synonym for office in branch topic. You can use "Bureau" instead a noun "Office", if it concerns topics such as subdivision, department, building, agency. popular alternative
Nearby Words: official, officer
Synonyms for Office

How words are described

old old bureau old office
current current bureau current office
corrupt corrupt bureau corrupt office
responsible responsible bureau responsible office
Other adjectives: entire, busy, main, secret, new, abandoned, national, official, titular.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Agent Carter Stealth Pun: Beginning in Season 2, when Sousa was promoted from the SSR's New York office to the chief of the Los Angeles bureau, he kept a Brooklyn Dodgers cap in his office.
  • The Ghost: The Bureau Director is never seen, although Napoleon once refers to them as "she", implying that the current office-holder is a female of an unknown species.
  • Fan Fic / The Conversion Bureau And you don't have to work on the bureaus themselves to be driven to it, either: Princess Luna only visited a bureau once, and after spending some time with a young human girl, she got up, thanked her for the attention, found an empty office and locked herself in to cry alone.
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