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Business noun – A commercial or industrial activity or organization.
Usage example: most of the local businesses belong to the association

Concern is a synonym for business in company topic. In some cases you can use "Concern" instead a noun "Business", when it comes to topics like firm, thing, group, matter. popular alternative
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Concern noun – A commercial or industrial activity or organization.
Usage example: several banking concerns in the area

Business is a synonym for concern in company topic. You can use "Business" instead a noun "Concern", if it concerns topics such as thing, responsibility, group, matter. popular alternative
Nearby Words: concerned, concerning, concernment
Synonyms for Concern

How words are described

good good business good concern
usual usual business usual concern
short short business short concern
legitimate legitimate business legitimate concern
Other adjectives: honest, single, actual, real, large, serious, huge, dangerous, little, main, important, personal, urgent, major, primary, growing, local.

Both words in one sentence

  • In Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Buch Concern, the salvage firm Banagher Links works a part-time job at, is run by the business-oriented Ronah family.
  • I'm currently away on business — business that does not concern you.
  • Extreme Doormat: Terry, and this is actively encouraged by his mother, who tells him to "let the maid do everything" and "mind your own business, it doesn't concern you".
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