Buttocks and Posterior


Buttocks noun - The part of the body upon which someone sits.
Usage example: she slipped in the mud puddle and hit the ground square on her buttocks
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Synonyms for Buttocks

Posterior is a synonym for buttocks in bottom topic. In some cases you can use "Posterior" instead a noun "Buttocks", when it comes to topics like humorous, rear, fundament. popular alternative


Posterior noun - The part of the body upon which someone sits.
Usage example: the baseball players were always slapping one another on the posterior

Buttocks is a synonym for posterior in bottom topic. You can use "Buttocks" instead a noun "Posterior", if it concerns topics such as behind of animate being. popular alternative

Nearby Words: posteriority, posteriorly

How words are described

human human buttocks human posterior
prominent prominent buttocks prominent posterior
large large buttocks large posterior
enormous enormous buttocks enormous posterior
Other adjectives: shapely.
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