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Buzz verb – To proceed or move quickly.
Usage example: we've been buzzing around all morning getting ready for the meeting with the VIPs from the head office

Dash and buzz are semantically related in hurry topic. In some cases you can use "Dash" instead a verb "Buzz", when it comes to topics like bustle.
Nearby Words: buzzed, buzzing, buzzer
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Dash verb – To go at a pace faster than a walk.
Usage example: one sprinter dashed to the finish line in record-breaking time

Buzz and dash are semantically related in chuck topic. Sometimes you can use "Buzz" instead a verb "Dash". informal substitute
Nearby Words: dashed, dashboard, dasher
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How words are described

good good buzz good dash
familiar familiar buzz familiar dash
short short buzz short dash
initial initial buzz initial dash
Other adjectives: single, poor, real, serious, wrong, little, new, extra, strange.

Common collocations

time buzz time dash time
times buzz times dash times
ships buzz ships dash ships

Both words in one sentence

  • Webcomic / Dash Academy But Gilda's also seen trying to comfort Dash when she's worried that she won't be able to get a scholarship, holds her back to keep her from attacking the coach, and tells Pierce to buzz off when he tries to force the issue with Dash.
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