Calculation and Theory


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Calculation noun – The act or process of performing mathematical operations to find a value.
Theory is an antonym for calculation.
Nearby Words: calculate, calculated, calculating, calculable, calculus
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Theory noun – An idea that is the starting point for making a case or conducting an investigation.
Calculation is an antonym for theory in hypothesis topic.
Nearby Words: theoretical, theoretic, theoretically, theorist, theorizing
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Similar words of theory
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How words are described

old old calculation old theory
good good calculation good theory
initial initial calculation initial theory
correct correct calculation correct theory
Other adjectives: actual, wrong, new, political, military.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dick Parts of the calculation sequence of the algorithm look like the painting "Calculating Space" from Konrad Zuse, an illustration of his theory that the universe is a giant computer simulation.
  • If the Eternal inflation theory is correct — and thus an infinite set of universes exists — the calculation of probabilities becomes a Mind Screw, since everything will happen an infinite number of times.
  • Square/Cube Law A quick calculation shows that a brisk runner by comparison generates around 10000 W / cu.m of body volume, therefore a sprinter scaled to sun-size would in theory generate 50000 times more energy than the sun and become one of the most powerful stars in the entire galaxy.
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