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Call for verb – Require as useful, just, or proper.
Usage example: This dinner calls for a spectacular dessert

Exact is a synonym for call for in demand topic. In some cases you can use "Exact" instead a verb "Call for", when it comes to topics like means. popular alternative
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Exact verb – To ask for (something) earnestly or with authority.
Usage example: every war inevitably exacts the greatest sacrifice possible from some of the nation's best and brightest

Call for is a synonym for exact in demand topic. You can use "Call for" instead a verb "Exact", if it concerns topics such as request, means. popular alternative
Nearby Words: exacting, exactly, exactness, exaction, exacted
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  • First Contact When they call for help, a powerful alien ship shows up, downloads the human ship's navigational charts, and heads straight for Earth to exact revenge.
    Source: First Contact
  • And then there are cases where people do call for a taxi, but it fails to pick them up due to confusion over their exact location, or if there are more than one person waiting for a cab at the same landmark, not all of whom may have called ahead for one.
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