Calm and Tense


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Calm adjective – Free from emotional or mental agitation.
Usage example: bystanders tried to help the injured person remain calm while they waited for the ambulance to arrive

Tense is an antonym for calm in excitement topic.
Nearby Words: calmness, calmed, calming, calmly
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Tense adjective – Feeling or showing uncomfortable feelings of uncertainty.
Usage example: was tense about the upcoming bar exam

Calm is an antonym for tense in topics: pressure, tight.
Nearby Words: tensing, tensed, tension, tenseness, tensely
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Similar words of calm
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Similar words of tense
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Things that words describes

person calm person tense person
mood calm mood tense mood
environment calm environment tense environment
piece calm piece tense piece
Other nouns: situation, atmosphere, theme, music, voice, conversation, song, discussion.

Common collocations

adventures calm adventures tense adventures

Both words in one sentence

  • During one of their "calm" periods, a tense peacefulness which also is unexplained, the protagonists get to their car and evacuate the town.
    Source: No Ending
  • Tranquil Fury JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Giorno Giovanna can seem calm at the most tense of moments, but really, he is just plotting your demise in a very sneaky and sometimes quite horrific way.
    Source: Tranquil Fury
  • Dissonant Serenity In many cases Patrick displays far more calm and control than seems sane in tense situations.
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