Cancel and Erase


Cancel verb - To put an end to by formal action.
Usage example: the agreement can be canceled by either side with a formal written notice

Erase is a synonym for cancel in delete topic. In some cases you can use "Erase" instead a verb "Cancel", when it comes to topics like action, continue. popular alternative


Erase verb - To destroy all traces of.
Usage example: yet another animal species has been erased from this earth

Cancel is a synonym for erase in action topic. You can use "Cancel" instead a verb "Erase", if it concerns topics such as continue, delete, remove, cross out. popular alternative

Nearby Words: erasure, erasing, erasable, eraser

Common collocations

power cancel power erase power
marriage cancel marriage erase marriage
event cancel event erase event
time cancel time erase time
Other words: game, debt, damage, powers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Reluctant Fanservice Girl The fact that his attempt to erase her memory also resulted in nothing more than clothing loss for Asuna, however, was foreshadowing of Asuna's magic cancel abilities.
  • Anti-Magic At least one Big Bad is after her so he can use her Magic Cancel to erase the magic world from existence.
    Source: Anti-Magic
  • Lag Cancel: Firing while a shot is still on the screen will erase that shot and fire a new one.
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