Cancel and Negate


Cancel verb - To put an end to by formal action.
Usage example: the agreement can be canceled by either side with a formal written notice

Negate is a synonym for cancel in action topic. In some cases you can use "Negate" instead a verb "Cancel", when it comes to topics like continue, void, revoke, neutralise. rare substitute


Negate verb - To put an end to by formal action.
Usage example: Prohibition was established by the 18th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, only to be negated by the 21st amendment 13 years later

Cancel is a synonym for negate in invalidate topic. You can use "Cancel" instead a verb "Negate", if it concerns topics such as action, continue, void, revoke. popular alternative

Common collocations

power cancel power negate power
attack cancel attack negate attack
deal cancel deal negate deal
effect cancel effect negate effect
Other words: time, spell, effects, momentum, hit, magic, damage, card, powers, spells, superpowers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anti-Magic is an ability or power to cancel/negate the powers of others.
  • If you quickly release the gas, tap the brake, then step back on the gas, this would negate some of the penalty in what came to be called a "penalty cancel."
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