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Capacity noun – An assignment at which one regularly works for pay.
Usage example: served in the capacity of the network's White House correspondent for a year

Position is a synonym for capacity in post topic. In some cases you can use "Position" instead a noun "Capacity", when it comes to topics like function.
Nearby Words: capability, capacious, capaciousness, capacitance, capacitor
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Position noun – An assignment at which one regularly works for pay.
Usage example: he holds the position of manager at the store

Capacity is a synonym for position in job topic. You can use "Capacity" instead a noun "Position", if it concerns topics such as post, class, office, responsibility in business enterprise.
Nearby Words: positive, positively, positioned, positioning, positing
Synonyms for Position

How words are described

good good capacity good position
high high capacity high position
low low capacity low position
exact exact capacity exact position
Other adjectives: better, similar, normal, usual, standard, actual, real, lower, new, unique, minor, highest, official, latter, different, higher.

Both words in one sentence

  • Same training, same capacity, same equipment, same position.
  • Although he refused the position of Chief Judge when offered it, Dredd is not just unfireable; because of his capacity for saving the world, he's literally one of those types who are too indispensable to be allowed to die.
  • Useful Notes / Nuclear Weapons If you can see the mushroom cloud and it's at a distance, this puts you in a better position to see what direction fallout will be - as well as possibly setting you up better for sheltering if you have the capacity for doing so.
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