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Capacity noun – The largest number or amount that something can hold.
Scope is a synonym for capacity in ability topic. In some cases you can use "Scope" instead a noun "Capacity", when it comes to topics like extent, size, volume. popular alternative
Nearby Words: capability, capacious, capaciousness, capacitance, capacitor
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Scope noun – An area over which activity, capacity, or influence extends.
Capacity is a synonym for scope in ability topic. You can use "Capacity" instead a noun "Scope", if it concerns topics such as range, opportunity, extent or range of something. popular alternative
Nearby Words: scoped, scop, scoping
Synonyms for Scope

How words are described

good good capacity good scope
high high capacity high scope
full full capacity full scope
exact exact capacity exact scope
Other adjectives: similar, normal, usual, standard, infinite, round, sheer, entire, violent, large, great, enormous, huge, impressive, excellent, potential, decent, new, limited, official, larger, overall, bigger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Hawaii Five-0 Turns out Hawaii has a series of "Hands Free" laws on the books for each County (City & County of Honolulu has an exemption for Law Enforcement if done during the officers official capacity and scope, which could apply to the team).
  • Punch-Packing Pistol Not surprisingly, Halo 2 weakened the pistol and removed the scope so it wouldn't be a Game Breaker when combined with the ability to go Guns Akimbo; Halo 3 brought back some of the power, but lowered the rate of fire and magazine capacity.
  • High magazine capacity, good rate of fire, and most have serviceable accuracy and most can take a scope.
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