Capacity and Weakness


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Capacity noun – The physical or mental power to do something.
Usage example: not everyone has the capacity for learning higher math

Weakness is an antonym for capacity in ability topic.
Nearby Words: capability, capacious, capaciousness, capacitance, capacitor
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Weakness noun – The quality or state of lacking physical strength or vigor.
Capacity is an antonym for weakness.
Nearby Words: weak, weaken, weakly, weakening, weakling
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Similar words of weakness
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How words are described

emotional emotional capacity emotional weakness
physical physical capacity physical weakness
exact exact capacity exact weakness
similar similar capacity similar weakness
Other adjectives: usual, natural, standard, actual, real, massive, large, extreme, great, serious, huge, potential, innate, new, mental, extra, greater, structural, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • This stacks with the aforementioned Ammo Conservation, tripling their shooting capacity (which was their main weakness, as they could only shoot twice before needing a reload).
  • Tabletop Game / New World of Darkness Power is fundamentally corrupting and usually comes at a too high price (especially in capacity for free will and choice), there are problems in the world nobody can fix, and moral purity is usually a weakness, and a privilege enjoyed by those who don't have to do anything of importance any more.
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