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Careful adjective – Taking, showing, or involving great care and effort.
Usage example: that furniture maker was known to be a most careful worker, so his output was small

Meticulous is a synonym for careful in attentive topic. In some cases you can use "Meticulous" instead an adjective "Careful", when it comes to topics like thorough, cautious, hard to please. popular alternative
Nearby Words: care, careless, carelessly, carefully, carefulness
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Meticulous adjective – Taking, showing, or involving great care and effort.
Usage example: did a meticulous job of restoring the painting

Careful is a synonym for meticulous in exact topic. You can use "Careful" instead an adjective "Meticulous", if it concerns topics such as hard to please. popular alternative
Nearby Word: meticulously
Synonyms for Meticulous

Things that words describes

care careful care meticulous care
approach careful approach meticulous approach
attention careful attention meticulous attention
work careful work meticulous work
Other nouns: observation, control, execution, training, plan, preparation, explanation, manipulation, research, investigation, examination, records, notes, plans, planning, driver, setup, players.

Both words in one sentence

  • Biker Babe What she loses in coolness for being a very meticulous, careful driver she regains in how she fights.
    Source: Biker Babe
  • Manga / Death Note Naomi Misora, who has been consistently shown to be intelligent, competent, meticulous, and above all, careful, foolishly tells Light her real name after giving him a pseudonym, when she has no more reason to trust him than before.
  • He points out that careful observation of Ambus' behavior throughout the book revealed, among other things, meticulous focus on order and procedure, an utter lack of mirth, and an immense distaste for filth and mess, as well as various quirks of speech tone and vocal pattern.
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