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Carefully adverb – Taking care or paying attention.
Precisely is a synonym for carefully in cautiously topic. In some cases you can use "Precisely" instead an adverb "Carefully", when it comes to topics like with care.
Nearby Words: careful, carefulness
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Precisely adverb – Without any relaxation of standards or precision.
Usage example: measured the length of the board precisely

Carefully is a synonym for precisely in accurately topic. You can use "Carefully" instead an adverb "Precisely", if it concerns topics such as with care.
Nearby Words: precise, precision, precising
Synonyms for Precisely

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  • Then Shane, all alone, continues to fire carefully and precisely at the advancing enemy before running out of ammo for his assault rifle and switching to his pistol.
  • Disney / Aladdin and the King of Thieves Freeze-Frame Bonus: If you meticulously pause "Welcome to the forty thieves" scene carefully, you can count precisely 39 thieves with Aladdin as the 40th.
  • Literature / Codex Alera Amoral and carefully calculating, she is a powerhouse on the battlefield and able to firecraft so precisely in a confined space that she avoids harming her allies.
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