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Cast verb – To point or turn (something) toward a target or goal.
Usage example: cast her eyes skyward for signs of the rescue plane

Level is a synonym for cast in bestow topic. In some cases you can use "Level" instead a verb "Cast", when it comes to topics like seek.
Nearby Words: casting, castled, caster
Synonyms for Cast


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Level verb – To point or turn (something) toward a target or goal.
Usage example: the marksman leveled his gun at the target and fired

Cast is a synonym for level in seek topic. Sometimes you can use "Cast" instead a verb "Level", if it concerns topics such as aim.
Nearby Words: leveled, levelled, leveling
Synonyms for Level

How words are described

human human cast human level
good good cast good level
high high cast high level
full full cast full level
Other adjectives: long, similar, usual, current, original, single, actual, entire, main, new, final, last, different, previous.

Common collocations

work cast work level work
part cast part level part
way cast way level way
bolt cast bolt level bolt
Other nouns: light, everyone, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Streets of Rage 3 had plans for a a level where the cast rode on motorcycles; this was scrapped during development, but through cheat codes the level can still be partially accessed.
    Source: Gimmick Level
  • The cast of The Amazing World of Gumball are Funny Animal and other non-humans with a similar level of anthropomorphism, like food, plants, non-living objects, and Cartoon Creatures.
  • Cast Herd It's only the characters outside of those cast herds (like the low-level bosses that make up the ⑨ squad) that form cast herds elsewhere.
    Source: Cast Herd
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