Catastrophe and Luck


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Catastrophe noun – A sudden violent event that brings about great loss or destruction.
Luck is an antonym for catastrophe in calamity topic.
Nearby Word: catastrophic
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Luck noun – Success that is partly the result of chance.
Usage example: some people have all the luck

Catastrophe is an antonym for luck.
Nearby Words: lucky, luckless, luckily, luckiness, lucking
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Similar words of catastrophe
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Similar words of luck
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How words are described

low low catastrophe low luck
natural natural catastrophe natural luck
nasty nasty catastrophe nasty luck
entire entire catastrophe entire luck
Other adjectives: massive, big, great, bad, terrible, horrible, supernatural, possible, greater, said, recent, financial.

Both words in one sentence

  • In the sixth book of The Dark Tower, the protagonists are trying to get rid of Black Thirteen, a cosmic artifact that continually brings bad luck and catastrophe to whomever holds it.
  • This turns out to be important, as Billy's proceeding bad luck was brought upon by a "catastrophe snail" that went inside his head to give him nothing but bad luck.
    Source: Pepper Sneeze
  • Born Lucky At one point later in the manga, she trades her good luck to the witch Yuuko in order to prevent some convoluted catastrophe.
    Source: Born Lucky
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