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Cause noun – Someone or something responsible for a result.
Usage example: the much-debated causes of the American Civil War

End is an antonym for cause in topics: origin, belief, bring about.
Nearby Words: caused, causation, causeless, causative, causal
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End noun – The stopping of a process or activity.
Cause is an antonym for end in topics: intention, death, extreme, completion, leftover part.
Nearby Words: ending, ended, endless
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How words are described

good good cause good end
natural natural cause natural end
original original cause original end
true true cause true end
Other adjectives: logical, actual, entire, real, serious, bad, ultimate, possible, apparent, official, different, realistic, higher.

Common collocations

death cause death end death
effect cause effect end effect
way cause way end way
suffering cause suffering end suffering
Other nouns: misery, pain, war, problems, wars.

Both words in one sentence

  • Its implied that they helped cause and end World War Two.
  • Video Game / Just Cause 3 In particular, sticking it to the bottom of a helicopter will cause it to do dozens of end-over-end flips before exploding.
  • Beef Gate Even being too cocky in trying to access the upper-end areas is usually cause for immediate death.
    Source: Beef Gate
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