Cautious and Game


Cautious adjective - Having or showing a close attentiveness to avoiding danger or trouble.

Game is an antonym for cautious.

Nearby Words: caution, cautiously


Game adjective - Having a desire or inclination (as for a specified course of action).

Cautious is an antonym for game in topics: brave, debilitated.

Nearby Words: gaming, gamed, gamesome, gamesmanship, gamer

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Ori And The Blind Forest Trial-and-Error Gameplay: There are many places in the game where just being cautious or quick to react will not suffice.
  • Video Game / Batman: Arkham Asylum Patrolling Mook: Later in the game, Mooks will have devices on them that alert each other if they are knocked out, causing the rest to be more cautious and more scared.
  • In the second game, the AI installed on your ship has such blocks in place, and she mentions them when you are understandably cautious about her presence.
    Source: Morality Chip
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