Celestial and Sky


Celestial adjective - Of, relating to, or suggesting heaven.

Sky and celestial are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Sky" instead the word "Celestial" as an adjective or a noun.

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Sky noun - The expanse of air surrounding the earth.

Celestial and sky are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Celestial" instead the word "Sky" as an adjective or a noun.

Nearby Words: skyline, skyway, skying, skye, skyer

Both words in one sentence

  • Red Sky, Take Warning In the era of clashing dozens of magical orders, the sky was painted constantly, and just from statistics of celestial hues it was clear which one's adepts are stronger.
  • Alien Sky Yu-Shan, the celestial city and home of the gods, has the sky change depending on which god is currently winning the Games of Divinity.
    Source: Alien Sky
  • Western Animation / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks Celestial Body: At the climax, the giant alicorn coming out of the clouds has a body seemingly made of starry sky.
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