Certainty and Doubt


Certainty noun - A state of mind in which one is free from doubt.
Usage example: I have full certainty that I'll pass the test

Doubt is an antonym for certainty in topics: confidence, fact, positive assurance.

Nearby Words: certain, certainly


Doubt noun - A feeling or attitude that one does not know the truth, truthfulness, or trustworthiness of someone or something.
Usage example: from the beginning I had my doubts about the investment scheme

Certainty is an antonym for doubt in topics: uncertainty, conviction.

How words are described

real real certainty real doubt
great great certainty great doubt
arrogant arrogant certainty arrogant doubt
sure sure certainty sure doubt

Both words in one sentence

  • Worse, if the Tosevites have advanced that much, it throws the certainty of the conquest in doubt.
  • If in other sciences we should arrive at certainty without doubt and truth without error, it behooves us to place the foundations of knowledge in mathematics.
  • Crisis of Faith No don’t send me certainty If somehow it’s best for me to doubt
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