Chance and Planned


Chance adjective - Happening by chance.
Usage example: a chance advantage that I immediately recognized and made full use of

Planned is an antonym for chance in accidental topic.

Nearby Words: chancy, chanced, chancery, chanceful, chancing


Planned adjective - Designed or carried out according to a plan.
Usage example: the planned outlays for new equipment

Chance is an antonym for planned.

Nearby Words: plan, planning, planner

Both words in one sentence

  • Your Cheating Heart Yvonne and Zach did have a long talk and may have planned to give their marriage a second chance.
  • Kudzu Plot Apparently Zelazny planned to write another five volumes, but died before he had a chance to tie everything up.
    Source: Kudzu Plot
  • Light Novel / Sword Art Online Heathcliff had planned to do this on the 100th floor, but did not get the chance, thanks to Kirito's Sequence Breaking.
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