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Change noun – The act, process, or result of making different.
Usage example: the positive change in our students' attitude toward people who are somehow different was a long and gradual process

Variation is a synonym for change in alteration topic. In some cases you can use "Variation" instead a noun "Change", when it comes to topics like modification, event, variety, deviation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: changeable, changed, changing, changeful, changeless
Synonyms for Change


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Variation noun – The act, process, or result of making different.
Usage example: the latest in a long line of variations in her hair color

Change is a synonym for variation in activity topic. You can use "Change" instead a noun "Variation", if it concerns topics such as event, direction, difference, deviation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: variety, variable, varied, variance, variant
Synonyms for Variation

How words are described

full full change full variation
nice nice change nice variation
notable notable change notable variation
particular particular change particular variation
Other adjectives: similar, original, small, real, extreme, serious, little, slight, subtle, main, new, possible, minor, latter, occasional, recent.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Haven In an interesting variation, Duke and Nathan change the past, and then change it more trying to fix it.
  • Adaptation Personality Change Mickey Mouse may be an odd variation in that it was his adaptation interpretations that avoided such a change.
  • Video Game / Pokémon Black and White White Version instead has White Forest, a forest which contains wild Pokémon which change in variation along with how long the player took to get there and how many times they use the Entralink.
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