Chant and Shout


Chant noun - A repetitive song in which as many syllables as necessary are assigned to a single tone.
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Synonyms for Chant

Shout and chant are semantically related. in cry topic. In some cases you can use "Shout" instead the word "Chant" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like chorus of song.


Shout noun - A loud vocal expression of strong emotion.
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Synonyms for Shout

Chant and shout are semantically related. You can use "Chant" instead the word "Shout" as a noun or a verb.

Nearby Words: shouted, shouting

How words are described

known known chant known shout
full full chant full shout
special special chant special shout
long long chant long shout
Other adjectives: elaborate, specific, certain, little, new, epic, random, strange, creepy.

Common collocations

phrase chant phrase shout phrase
word chant word shout word
name chant name shout name
time chant time shout time
Other words: words, gibberish, hands, names, lines, threats, insults, obscenities.

Both words in one sentence

  • Big "YES!" Luke Harper has a tendency to chant/shout "YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH" during matches.
    Source: Big "YES!"
  • Upon hearing of another attack, some men would shout things like "Twelve - nil" and "There's only one Yorkshire Ripper" in the style of a football chant.
  • The devisers have a regular coffee chant that's a blatant Shout-Out to the Mentats of Dune.
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