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Character noun – A person of odd or whimsical habits.
Usage example: the junk dealer is certainly a character, but he's as honest as they come

Oddball is a synonym for character in eccentric topic. In some cases you can use "Oddball" instead a noun "Character", when it comes to topics like usual, original, odd person. popular alternative
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Oddball noun – A person of odd or whimsical habits.
Usage example: she's known as the office oddball

Character is a synonym for oddball in usual topic. You can use "Character" instead a noun "Oddball", if it concerns topics such as original, eccentric. popular alternative
Synonyms for Oddball

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  • A character whose primary role in the show is to relieve tension with oddball and/or hysterical antics.
  • Video Game / Ensemble Stars Leo also qualifies, as explained in his character entry, although he isn't an oddball.
  • All Guys Want Cheerleaders Inverted in Juno: the titular character observes that guys are secretly more attracted to the edgy oddball girls than the generic cheerleaders.
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