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Character noun – An actor's portrayal of someone in a play.
Part is a synonym for character in role topic. In some cases you can use "Part" instead a noun "Character", when it comes to topics like model, persona, portrayal of another. popular alternative
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Part noun – An actor's portrayal of someone in a play.
Usage example: she played the part of Desdemona

Character is a synonym for part in role topic. You can use "Character" instead a noun "Part", if it concerns topics such as model, people, theatrical role. popular alternative
Nearby Words: partially, partly
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How words are described

human human character human part
good good character good part
best best character best part
particular particular character particular part
Other adjectives: specific, regular, certain, single, prominent, actual, entire, real, main, important, new, major, minor, significant, last, central, different, favorite.

Both words in one sentence

  • Typically, The Dividual is a background character or part of an Ensemble Cast but another frequent setup is something similar to an Adventure Duo where the two main characters form a dividual.
    Source: The Dividual
  • No Smoking The TV movie adaptation of Going Postal goes partway with this: in the original novel, Adora smokes like a chimney, and this is both an important part of her character and part of why the protagonist is attracted to her.
    Source: No Smoking
  • As part of Unforgiven's Genre Deconstruction of Westerns as a whole, Clint Eastwood's role in the film is a deconstruction of his earlier Western character(s), namely those from the Dollars Trilogy.
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