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Characteristic adjective – Serving to identify as belonging to an individual or group.
Usage example: the characteristic taste of licorice

Typical is a synonym for characteristic in same topic. In some cases you can use "Typical" instead an adjective "Characteristic", when it comes to topics like normal, representative. popular alternative
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Typical adjective – Having or showing the qualities associated with the members of a particular group or kind.
Usage example: typical behavior for a two-year-old

Characteristic is a synonym for typical in same topic. You can use "Characteristic" instead the word "Typical" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as normal, representative, usual. popular alternative
Nearby Words: type, typically, typicality
Synonyms for Typical

Things that words describes

sense characteristic sense typical sense
response characteristic response typical response
style characteristic style typical style
humor characteristic humor typical humor
Other nouns: look, trait, type, way, fashion, example, music, accent, elements, eyes, traits, tropes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Only Revolutions It reads similar to a poem, but it has no meter or joining characteristic, making it fit in the blurry area between a typical novel and a narrative poem.
  • It's characteristic of him after all when you realize that if he tried to help them in typical fashion, their chances of being Purged would have skyrocketed.
  • Webcomic / ISAC And Dem No Mouth: ISAC and Dem both display this characteristic - with one exception where Dem was seen drinking a superfood smoothie in a typical (for the strip) example of Irony.
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