Characters and Mark


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Mark and characters are semantically related. in written symbol topic. In some cases you can use "Mark" instead the word "Characters" as a noun or a verb.


Mark noun - A person or thing that is made fun of.

Characters and mark are semantically related. You can use "Characters" instead a noun "Mark".

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Both words in one sentence

  • Granted this is a bit of a subversion, as most of the characters that are killed are important and do leave a mark on the series even after their death, sprinkling in the occasional Red Shirt here and there (and even a couple of those end up leaving a mark of some kind).
  • Reverse Grip Gundam characters will on occasion use this style, and it's usually a mark of extreme skill on the part of the pilot, since the MS's are usually designed to wield their swords normally.
    Source: Reverse Grip
  • Mark Hamill was specifically chosen to play the mentor to the main characters of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, just as Obi Wan was the mentor to his other character, Luke Skywalker.
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