Charge and Impose


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Charge verb – To establish or apply as a charge or penalty.
Usage example: charges a restocking fee for returned merchandise

Impose is a synonym for charge in demand topic. In some cases you can use "Impose" instead a verb "Charge", when it comes to topics like ask for, ask in payment, ask a price.
Nearby Words: charged, charging, chargeable, charger
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Impose verb – To establish or apply as a charge or penalty.
Usage example: that state now imposes a fine for text messaging while driving

Charge is a synonym for impose in cost topic. You can use "Charge" instead a verb "Impose", if it concerns topics such as set, levy.
Nearby Words: imposing, imposition, imposed, impost
Synonyms for Impose

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  • One of the hats of Lawful Evil and sometimes even Lawful Neutral characters in Dungeons & Dragons and similar works: the goal is to be the one(s) in charge, and thus impose THEIR will into law.
  • Fanon Discontinuity It should be noted that this can be justified in cases of Running the Asylum, as it's clear the people in charge are largely trying to impose their own fanon.
  • Broken Aesop: One of the themes presented is that everyone is in charge of their own fate, and no one should impose their will on another even if it's for the recipient's benefit.
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