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Charming adjective – Having an often mysterious or magical power to attract.
Usage example: a charming man who had no problem winning women's hearts

Engaging is a synonym for charming in attractive topic. In some cases you can use "Engaging" instead an adjective "Charming", when it comes to topics like amusing, entertaining, captivating, appealing. popular alternative
Nearby Words: charm, charmed, charmingly, charmer, charmless
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Engaging adjective – Having an often mysterious or magical power to attract.
Usage example: movie stars often have an engaging aura that is hard to describe

Charming is a synonym for engaging in attractive topic. You can use "Charming" instead an adjective "Engaging", if it concerns topics such as amusing, entertaining, appealing, glamorous. popular alternative
Nearby Words: engage, engaged, engagement, engagingly
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Things that words describes

individual charming individual engaging individual
woman charming woman engaging woman
style charming style engaging style
scene charming scene engaging scene
Other nouns: characters, personality, bit, game, story, tale, film, actor.

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  • Comments: A charming and engaging bit of AU, while the subject is initially a bit dire, there's a really gentle and lovely feel to this fic.
  • Because it features a charming and likable cast of characters, who've made it their business to make chemistry, astronomy and physics as interesting and engaging as possible.Each episode in The Periodic Table of Videos explores and examines a single element from (what else?) the Periodic Table.
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