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Cheat verb – To use dishonest methods to achieve a goal.
Rob is a synonym for cheat in do topic. In some cases you can use "Rob" instead a verb "Cheat". informal substitute
Nearby Words: cheating, cheated, cheater
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Rob verb – To remove valuables from (a place) unlawfully.
Usage example: in jail for robbing a bank

Cheat is a synonym for rob in action topic. You can use "Cheat" instead a verb "Rob", if it concerns topics such as steal, dispossess.
Nearby Word: robt
Synonyms for Rob

Common collocations

character cheat character rob character
man cheat man rob man
people cheat people rob people
god cheat god rob god
Other nouns: someone, house, game, machine, anyone, customers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Asshole Victim: Billy is often this, as he tries to either cheat or rob Stagger Lee.
  • Betty and Veronica In his search, he's helped by a fisherwoman, and he finds the princess, whereupon she tries to rob and cheat him.
  • Video Game / Mario Party Players are guaranteed to hold Game Guy's name in great fear and contempt as his Minigames tend to cheat and rob them of their hard-earned coins more often than not.
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