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Cheek noun – Shameless boldness.
Usage example: she had the cheek to blame me for the fact that she had forgotten about the staff meeting

Face is a synonym for cheek in attitude topic. In some cases you can use "Face" instead a noun "Cheek", when it comes to topics like body, brass, impudence. informal substitute
Nearby Words: cheeky, cheekily, cheeked, cheeking
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Face noun – Shameless boldness.
Usage example: you have to wonder how anyone has the face to ask such a personal question

Cheek is a synonym for face in attitude topic. You can use "Cheek" instead a noun "Face", if it concerns topics such as body, defiance, pretense, impudence. popular alternative
Nearby Words: faced, facing, facer, faceless
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How words are described

normal normal cheek normal face
disfigured disfigured cheek disfigured face
left left cheek left face
red red cheek red face
Other adjectives: scarred.

Both words in one sentence

  • Good Scars, Evil Scars Calling it a scar is debatable, considering that his/her left cheek and face was blown open Jonah Hex-style by The Captain and has stayed like that for 30 years, but it's still a permanent wound, so I suppose that it counts.
  • Character creation allows to pick a retextured face with a scar (good scar on the cheek or evil scar across the eye).
  • Light Novel / The Pet Girl of Sakurasou In episode 24, Sorata and Mashiro's "practice kiss" is interrupted by one of the cats, who claws at Sorata's face, then later hisses at him after Mashiro kisses him on the cheek instead.
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