Choir and Part


Choir noun - An organized group of singers.
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Synonyms for Choir

Part is an antonym for choir in collection topic.


Part noun - One of the pieces from which something is designed to be assembled.

Choir is an antonym for part.

Nearby Words: partially, partly

How words are described

common common choir common part
small small choir small part
actual actual choir actual part
entire entire choir entire part
Other adjectives: real, huge, main.

Both words in one sentence

  • Matt Damon appears in Will & Grace as a candidate for the lead position in a gay choir, going up against Jack for the part.
  • After studying the Kyrie part (which is in B Minor), a choir leader in 19th century Berlin started referring to it as Mass in B Minor, and the name stuck.
  • A Cherubic Choir normally means that the good guys are in the middle of triumphing, though sometimes it just indicates we're done with the tense part.
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