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Chop verb – To cut into small pieces.
Usage example: chop the onions before adding them to the pot

Dice is a synonym for chop in cube topic. In some cases you can use "Dice" instead a verb "Chop", when it comes to topics like cooking, cut up, cut up with tool. popular alternative
Nearby Words: choppy, chopped, chopper, chopping
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Dice verb – To cut into small pieces.
Usage example: quickly diced some peppers and onions and threw them into the stew

Chop is a synonym for dice in cooking topic. You can use "Chop" instead a verb "Dice", if it concerns topics such as cut up. popular alternative
Nearby Words: diced, dicer, dicing
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  • Magic Knight Stocke from Radiant Historia can chop, dice, throw fire and heal you in a pinch
    Source: Magic Knight
  • Birds all silent for the night Cows turned in as daylight dies But one soul lies anxious, wide awake For the Witcher, brave and bold Paid in coin of gold He'll chop... and slice you cut... and dice you Eat you up whole Eat you whole
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