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Chore noun – A piece of work that needs to be done regularly.
Usage example: everyone in this household is expected to do weekly chores

Job is a synonym for chore in task topic. In some cases you can use "Job" instead a noun "Chore", when it comes to topics like work, profession, deed, heavy. popular alternative
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Job noun – A piece of work that needs to be done regularly.
Usage example: taking the trash out is one of my jobs

Chore is a synonym for job in task topic. You can use "Chore" instead a noun "Job", if it concerns topics such as work, employment, deed, heavy. popular alternative
Nearby Word: jobless
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How words are described

normal normal chore normal job
common common chore common job
demanding demanding chore demanding job
single single chore single job
Other adjectives: dirty, real, big, menial, boring, worst, last.

Both words in one sentence

  • Performance Anxiety If a person is micro-managed too much on anything, be it a chore, a job, or anything else, they might get this in regards to that task, not wanting to let others see them inevitably mess up and call them out on it.
  • Punch Clock Villain Even if they are, they see their job as a chore, are there for the reward and they more than likely couldn't care less for the plan itself.
  • Non-Idle Rich Yuichiro Kumada in Sailor Moon comes from a very wealthy family but works regularly, eventually taking a steady job as a "chore boy" at the shrine Rei's grandfather owns.
    Source: Non-Idle Rich
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