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Circle noun – A region of activity, knowledge, or influence.
Usage example: that lies outside the circle of our investigation

Domain is a synonym for circle in sphere topic. In some cases you can use "Domain" instead a noun "Circle", when it comes to topics like nature, field, territory.
Nearby Words: circular, circled, circlet, circling
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Domain noun – A region of activity, knowledge, or influence.
Usage example: a museum director who is one of the most powerful figures in the art domain

Circle is a synonym for domain in nature topic. Sometimes you can use "Circle" instead a noun "Domain", if it concerns topics such as field, sphere, realm, territory.
Synonyms for Domain

How words are described

single single circle single domain
small small circle small domain
entire entire circle entire domain
big big circle big domain
Other adjectives: tiny, main, personal, new, last, different, fifth, wider.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comes full circle to an aversion in later comics, after the webcomic moved to it's own domain name: Naga loses her shirt in an Out-of-Clothes Experience and both Scenery Censor and Barbie Doll Anatomy are averted.
  • Literature / The Divine Comedy Mohammed and Ali are seen in the Circle of Hell reserved for schismatics, cut in half, a reference to how they supposedly divided God's domain.
  • Series / The Secret Circle Threatened by the possibility of their demise, together, the members of The Secret Circle unite only to perform a single domain of power, in which they are able to obliterate the forces of evil and to defeat, and kill, the mighty Black John.
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