Circular and Notice


Circular noun - A short printed publication with no cover or with a paper cover.

Notice is a synonym for circular in advertisement topic. In some cases you can use "Notice" instead a noun "Circular", when it comes to topics like thing, handbill, announcement, poster.


Notice noun - A published statement informing the public of a matter of general interest.
Usage example: a public safety notice regarding the need for a smoke detector in the home

Circular is a synonym for notice in thing topic. You can use "Circular" instead a noun "Notice", if it concerns topics such as announcement, advertisement, poster, information sheet.

How words are described

small small circular small notice
huge huge circular huge notice

Both words in one sentence

  • Cutscene Incompetence In 'Awakening', no matter how good your rogue may be, s/he'll fail to notice the giant and ominous-looking circular disc in the middle of an otherwise empty room.
  • Something a new viewer might initially not notice about Alan's early tutorials until pointed out to them is how much expensive and potentially dangerous he has easy access to, including a drill, a circular saw, and computer graphics cards.
  • Failed a Spot Check: When running around in a "never-ending" circular room in Antichamber, she gives up and returns to the hub after just barely reaching the end, failing to notice that the circle was getting smaller.
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