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Cite verb – To give as an example.
Usage example: cited several experts' opinions to back up her argument

Instance is a synonym for cite in note topic. In some cases you can use "Instance" instead a verb "Cite", when it comes to topics like refer to, specific. popular alternative
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Instance verb – To give as an example.
Usage example: instanced one particular incident as an illustration of their penchant for practical jokes

Cite is a synonym for instance in name topic. You can use "Cite" instead a verb "Instance", if it concerns topics such as specific. popular alternative
Nearby Words: instant, instability, instantly, instanced, instantiation
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characters cite characters instance characters

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  • Poe's Law NOTE: When adding an example, please cite a specific instance or instances of the relevant work being either mistaken for a parody or being analyzed to determine whether or not it is serious.
    Source: Poe's Law
  • Credits Gag For instance, in both the North American adaptation and the original Japanese the opening credits cite "The Ultra Director Haruhi Suzumiya" as being in charge of the program.
    Source: Credits Gag
  • Unfortunately for Wu Fei, fan portrayals of him cite that one instance as concrete proof that he's a He-Man Woman Hater.
    Source: Hey, You!
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