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Claim noun – An entitlement to something.
Usage example: I'm announcing my claim to that last slice of pizza

Title is a synonym for claim in property topic. In some cases you can use "Title" instead a noun "Claim", when it comes to topics like part, right, possession, owned. popular alternative
Nearby Words: claimed, claiming, claimant
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Title noun – An established or recognized right.
Usage example: he had no documents confirming his title to his father's estate

Claim is a synonym for title in possession topic. You can use "Claim" instead a noun "Title", if it concerns topics such as part, owned. popular alternative
Nearby Words: titled, titular, titling
Synonyms for Title

How words are described

old old claim old title
special special claim special title
best best claim best title
particular particular claim particular title
Other adjectives: better, similar, common, current, original, true, single, actual, entire, real, big, main, former, final, official, next, last, latter, earlier, previous.

Common collocations

place claim place title place
title claim title title title
nothing claim nothing title nothing
championship claim championship title championship

Both words in one sentence

  • Take a sip for every suggestion consisting of a title and a claim that it is Self Explanatory.
  • Series / Monty Python's Flying Circus Neil Innes can also make a claim for this title, given that he contributed much of the music for the shows and films and was an indispensable part of the troupe's stage shows.
  • Urban Legends Some claim that it was the name of a pony that Phil's daughter had, while others claim he got the title from someone (such as his daughter or an employee) mispronouncing the word "studio".
    Source: Urban Legends
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