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Class noun – One of the units into which a whole is divided on the basis of a common characteristic.
Usage example: a new class of wireless devices that could be used for Internet access as well as personal communication

Label is a synonym for class in bracket topic. In some cases you can use "Label" instead the word "Class" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like name, classify.
Nearby Words: classify, classification, classical, classed, classmate
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Label noun – A slip (as of paper or cloth) that is attached to something to identify or describe it.
Class is a synonym for label in mark topic. Sometimes you can use "Class" instead the word "Label" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as brand, categorize.
Nearby Words: labeled, labelled, labeling
Synonyms for Label

How words are described

old old class old label
best best class best label
particular particular class particular label
better better class better label
Other adjectives: common, specific, separate, current, standard, original, single, actual, entire, real, main, new, general, official, last, different, previous.

Common collocations

way class way label way

Both words in one sentence

  • A certain class of upper-class snobs like to label their alcohol backwards (so that whiskey is read as "yeksihw" and port as "trop") to prevent their servants from stealing sips from the bottles.
    Source: Watering Down
  • Light Novel / Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts Signs of Disrepair: The school wasn't ready to give a room to Class F, so they gave them a temporary place and overlapped the room's original label with a makeshift one.
  • Light Novel / Heavy Object The Information Alliance does this with enough idols that they are classified under their own label as Class A idols (A for the Augmented Reality they use in their shows).
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