Clever and Skillful


Clever adjective - Skillful with the hands.
Usage example: the Shakers were clever artisans who created many ingenious and highly useful devices

Skillful is a synonym for clever in bright topic. In some cases you can use "Skillful" instead an adjective "Clever".

Nearby Words: cleverness, cleverly


Skillful adjective - Accomplished with trained ability.
Usage example: the ice skater performed a skillful and graceful series of jumps

Clever is a synonym for skillful in able topic. Sometimes you can use "Clever" instead an adjective "Skillful".

Both words in one sentence

  • Necessary Fail: Drem is brave, clever, a skillful hunter and fighter, tall, handsome, and one of the Golden People.
  • In which a clever fabrication and the skillful application of glamour absolve the characters from having to explain what really happened over the last thirty-some pages, OR In which we discover that watching your parents flirt is uncomfortable whether you're 30(ish) or 1300(ish).
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