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Close adjective – Not being distant in time, space, or significance.
Usage example: these words are close synonyms

Near is a synonym for close in movement topic. In some cases you can use "Near" instead the word "Close" as an adjective or an adverb or a verb or a preposition, when it comes to topics like position, immediate, next, imminent. popular alternative
Nearby Words: closed, closeness, closing, closely, closure
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Near adjective – Closely resembling the object imitated.
Usage example: the dress is made from a near silk that would fool anyone but an expert

Close is a synonym for near in close by physically topic. You can use "Close" instead the word "Near" as an adjective or an adverb or a preposition or a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as close by, closely related, close in on, next. popular alternative
Nearby Words: nearly, nearby, nearness
Synonyms for Near

Things that words describes

attack close attack near attack
match close match near match
encounter close encounter near encounter
relatives close relatives near relatives
Other nouns: range, example, vicinity, battle, everyone.

Common collocations

time close time near time

Both words in one sentence

  • And if it's Ship Sinking, then either all is Ruined FOREVER, or they're clearly so very close and near-romantic that romance is nigh, and Fan Works will continue just as before.
  • Film / The Searchers Near the end, another dog barks out as the rangers close in on the Comanche camp, but Chief Scar does not heed the warning.
  • Demonic Spiders / Dark Souls Even worse, when you finally close in on them, they do their buffing dance and boost the attack power of anyone near them, including themselves (and they know how to use that trident).
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