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Close adjective – Having little space between items or parts.
Usage example: the soldiers marched in close formation against the enemy

Open is an antonym for close in topics: end, shut, block up, intimate, complete.
Nearby Words: closed, closeness, closing, closely, closure
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Open adjective – Giving or sharing in abundance and without hesitation.
Usage example: he's very open with his opinions, many of which are not welcome

Close is an antonym for open in topics: begin, start, unfasten, clear, closed.
Nearby Words: opening, openness, opened, opener
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Things that words describes

people close people open people
relationship close relationship open relationship
eye close eye open eye
place close place open place
Other nouns: combat, relationships, wounds, doors.

Common collocations

fire close fire open fire
account close account open account
show close show open show
episode close episode open episode
Other nouns: case, way, rift, gate, mouth, door, fight, hole, shop, menu, portal, eyes, wormhole, gates, portals.

Both words in one sentence

  • Roleplay / Vapor: A Steampunk Rp Vapor: A Steampunk Rp includes examples of:    open/close all folders       General  Alternate Techline: Very.
  • Video Game / The Binding of Isaac Tropes exclusive to the remake and its expansions include:    open/close all folders      A-M  Alternate Reality Game: The Missing Poster was intended to be used for this.
  • Kingdom Hearts introduced the Keyblade, a weapon that can open or close the heart of worlds, can open any lock, can't be stolen from the wielder, and can appear from Hammer Space.
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