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Close up

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Close up verb – Unite or bring into contact or bring together the edges of.
Help is an antonym for close up in topics: silence, make or be quiet.
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Help verb – To provide (someone) with what is useful or necessary to achieve an end.
Close up is an antonym for help.
Nearby Words: helpful, helped, helpless, helper, helping
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Both terms in one sentence

  • A few Zelda games have done stuff like this, most notably The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which started out by making you close up the barn and help out a few villagers.
  • Literature / Looming Shadow Sure, Let's Go with That: Mad Scientist Hasina didn't arrive earlier to help Annala because she had to "close up her work first".
  • The sudden introduction of context is what makes this PSA so shocking, and the close up of his face at the end doesn't help either.
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