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Closed adjective – Not open.
Open is an antonym for closed in topics: shut, finished, exclusive.
Nearby Words: close, closing, closure, closer
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Open adjective – Allowing passage without obstruction.
Usage example: thank you for clearing out the hallway so that it's open again

Closed is an antonym for open in topics: unclosed, clear, honest, accessible, undecided.
Nearby Words: opening, openness, opened, opener
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Both words in one sentence

  • Eyes Always Shut It's up to you to decide if she's creepier with them closed or open or in-between.
  • Video Game / Phantasy Star Online Tactical Door Use: Oddly enough, enemies can't pass through doors open or closed.
  • Some are minor, such as certain doors being open or closed, which can alter how you get around the map.
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