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Closed adjective – Not open.
Secure and closed are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Secure" instead an adjective "Closed".
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Secure adjective – Having or showing great faith in oneself or one's abilities.
Closed and secure are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Closed" instead an adjective "Secure".
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  • Series / MacGyver (2016) MacGyver christens the name "Phoenix Foundation" after Patricia said that DXS was closed due to Nikki working for the bad guys trying to secure a WMD in "The Rising".
  • The subsequent mess of retoolings lead to a new project Eternal Crusade rising from Dark Millennium's ashes, which went into closed alpha in August 2015 thanks to a secure source of funding from founder's packs.
    Source: Vaporware
  • Sarah is able to secure both Vincent and ASI's escape, she is injured in the assault and jams an airlock door closed as they retreat, not giving them a chance to come back for her.
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