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Clothing noun – Covering for the human body.
Usage example: a store that sells both men's and women's clothing

Dress is a synonym for clothing in clothes topic. In some cases you can use "Dress" instead the word "Clothing" as a noun or a verb or an adjective, when it comes to topics like thing, attire, apparel, costume. popular alternative
Nearby Words: clothe, cloth
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Dress noun – Covering for the human body.
Usage example: a businessman who is very conservative in his dress

Clothing is a synonym for dress in clothes topic. You can use "Clothing" instead the word "Dress" as a noun or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as thing, apparel, costume, put on. popular alternative
Nearby Words: dressed, dressing, dressy, dresser, dressage
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How words are described

fancy fancy clothing fancy dress
expensive expensive clothing expensive dress
nice nice clothing nice dress
long long clothing long dress
Other adjectives: elegant, normal, formal, tight, appropriate, green, simple, little, black, dark, feminine, modest, white, new, traditional, skimpy, casual, different, pink, sexy, modern, red, civilian, purple, frilly.

Both words in one sentence

  • Got an ugly, matronly, or just uninspired-looking item of clothing or dress?
    Source: Rip Tailoring
  • Video Game / Pokémon X and Y And Your Reward Is Clothes: There is one NPC in Kiloude City that asks you to dress in a specific clothing style because she is in an art slump.
  • Bedsheet Ghost In the Season 4 finale of The Venture Bros., Dean Venture attempts to dress as one of these as a "spooky" costume, because he's unable to find Goth clothing to impress Triana.
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